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Safe cleaning procedures for MEIKO bedpan and urinal washer-disinfectors

The new coronavirus: Stay safe with MEIKO technology

MEIKO's TopLine bedpan and urinal washer-disinfectors provide professional cleaning and disinfection technology for active protection of patients and hospital staff that helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

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As the world faces this new health crisis, Dr. Friedrich Rheinbaben has verified that MEIKO‘s cleaning and disinfection appliances are highly effective against SARS-CoV-2. 

The expert opinion from Dr. Rheinbaben compares the temperature, mechanism, and use of chemicals in MEIKO machines with the known characteristics of coronavirus.

  • Add an alkaline detergent to the hot wash cycle
    Many tests using detergents with high emulsifying capacities and high temp alkaline-detergent solutions at 122°F (50°C) or higher have been very effective in combating envelope viruses similar to the coronavirus. Alkaline detergent is safe for use in any MEIKO machine.
  • Set disinfection cycles to an A0 value of at least 600. In the hospital setting, thermal disinfection with moist heat based on the A0 concept (ISO 15883-1) is the most common method for disinfection of medical devices. A0 is a physical parameter denoting the inactivation of microorganisms. Many MEIKO machines enable the user to set this parameter themselves, or MEIKO can configure your machine for you.
  • Adding rinse aids and water softeners is essential for propers use. They have an additional mechanism that helps destroy viruses, and should always be part of the cleaning process. MEIKO already recommends that these chemicals be used to prevent the build-up of lime scale deposits inside the machine, and mineral residues being left on wares. Always use these agents, regardless of the wash program or cycle time.

Please note that the virus and its properties have not yet been fully researched. Therefore, together with virologist and hygienist PD Dr. Dr. Friedrich von Rheinbaben, we have defined a standard with which we are sure effectively inactivates the pathogen.


A number of studies have shown that alkaline cleaners with high-emulsifying capabilities, and high detergent solutions, work well in inactivating envelope viruses such as the coronavirus. When using a MEIKO dishwasher, minimum requirements apply in order to safely inactivate the virus.

MEIKO recommends use of the following products:
Doyen R100, mildly alkaline

Rinse aid/water softener:

Adding a rinse aid or softener is always recommended by MEIKO to prevent lime deposits in the machine, and mineral residue build-up on the ware. For inactivating the coronavirus, these chemicals are mandatory. Why? Rinse aid/softeners have decomplexing characteristics that destabilize viruses to help render them harmless.

MEIKO recommends the use of these products:
Doyen SK22E
Doyen SK33E

MEIKO sanitation packages

MEIKO offers special bundled packages of the recommended chemical products, with special pricing.

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If you have any further questions, please contact your MEIKO authorized service partner found here.



When caring for patients with unspecified acute respiratory infections, the Robert Koch Institute advises that medical facilities use the following equipment:

  • Protective gown
  • Single-use gloves
  • Tightly fitting respirator mask (protective level FFP2; FFP3 or respirator, especially in the case of prolonged exposure, e.g., bronchoscopy or other activities where large amounts of aerosols can occur)
  • Safety goggles
  • Long sleeve, water-proof disposable aprons during nursing, diagnostic or therapeutic activities with patient
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