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Terms and Conditions (USA)


Effective January 1, 2018
For international sales information, contact MEIKO at 615-399-6600 or

  • This price list supersedes all previous price lists. All orders accepted are subject to prices and taxes in effect at the time of shipment. All prices in this list are subject to change without notice. All specifications are subject to change without notice based on MEIKO’s dedicated product improvement program.

  • All prices are in U.S. dollars. Payments are to be made in U.S. dollars.

  • All orders accepted as a result of these or other quotations are contingent upon strikes, accidents, acts or demands of the Government upon us, railroads, war, public enemy, or inability to secure materials, or any other cause beyond our control.

  • All units are designed for standard 60 cycle (60 Hz) operation. Consult factory for availability and pricing of 50 cycle (50 Hz) machines.

A Return Goods Authorization (RGA) from MEIKO is required prior to returning standard equipment. The return/restocking fee is thirty (30%) percent of unit cost, plus freight charges to and from the factory.

All prices are F.O.B. factory, freight allowed, continental U.S.A. MEIKO’s current policy remains to ship prepaid to initial destination. Since our price books are issued for the year ahead, we are not able to price our products to anticipate freight surcharges that occur from time to time. This is to inform our customers that we reserve the right to invoice surcharge costs, at our discretion, where these are deemed to be beyond our ability to absorb.

BASE ADD-ONS at flat rates, no discount:

  • Liftgate and guaranteed deliveries (must be prearranged)
    • Undercounter/Door Units
    • Rack Conveyors, Pot/Pan Units
  • Inside delivery (consult factory with site details prior to quoting)
    • Undercounter/Door Units
    • Rack Conveyors, Pot/Pan Units
  • Notify before delivery fee
  • Guaranteed delivery date
  • Pro-Activ Service Programs
  • Extended Warranty options

Please contact MEIKO’s Service Department to take advantage of MEIKO’s Service
Program options after equipment purchase at 800-868-3840, or

New Equipment Performance And Installation Inspection Program (USA)
Effective January 1, 2018. For international information, contact MEIKO at 615-399-6600 or 800-55-MEIKO.

Completion Of The Performance And Installation Inspection Activates The Customer’s Warranty.

The purpose of this program is to ensure:

  • The customer’s new equipment has been installed and set up correctly.
  • Water, drain, chemicals (where applicable) and electric supplies are correct.

This program is provided at no additional charge to customers in the 50 United States.

  • MEIKO will pay for Service Agency labor for one Service Technician during normal working hours (8:00 AM-5:00 PM weekdays).
  • A normal inspection takes approximately 60-90 minutes plus normal travel.
  • All after hours or weekend premium charges over and above normal rates are to be paid by the customer.
  • If the installation is not complete when the Service Agent’s technician arrives and as a result, he/she is unable to complete the inspection provided by this program, the Service Agency may charge the customer for the additional mileage and travel time (no labor) for any additional trips to the job site.

Prior to equipment delivery, the customer should:

  • Call the local Service Agency five or more days before delivery to schedule the inspection. This will allow the Service Agency sufficient time to adjust the Technician’s schedule and reserve the time required to perform the inspection.
  • Have all utilities such as water, electricity, chemicals (where applicable) and drain installed, operational and in compliance with MEIKO’s specifications before the Technician arrives.
  • When the new equipment arrives, the customer should:
  • Inspect the equipment to ensure it arrived in good condition and that no freight damage occurred in transit. If freight damage is discovered upon delivery, please refuse delivery of the machine, make note of the damage on the delivery documents, and notify your Sales Representative immediately for a replacement order.
  • Make arrangements with their chosen contractor to uncrate, position and install the equipment in accordance with the Installation and Operating instructions provided by MEIKO.
  • Make arrangements to have a licensed plumber and/or electrician present to do the final hook-ups. This is normally required by local codes. Check with your contractor or local Service Agency to verify if this is required.

During the performance and installation inspection (after installation), the MEIKO Authorized Service Agent will:

  • Send one qualified Service Technician to perform the New Equipment Performance and Installation Inspection.
  • Inspect the new equipment to verify that all parts and accessories were correctly shipped, have arrived in good condition, and have been properly installed.
  • Check all aspects of the installation and operation, as stated in our New Equipment Performance and Installation Inspection checklist.
  • Complete the New Equipment Performance and Installation Inspection checklist.
  • Review the checklist and warranty with the customer.
  • Have the customer sign the checklist.

After the P&I is scheduled, the customer should:
Call the local MEIKO sales representative to schedule a full product demonstration upon completion of the P&I. NOTE: During this demonstration, the customer should have all employees who will be using the equipment present for training on its proper use, cleaning and maintenance. Local sales representatives can be found by visiting

The Performance and Installation Inspection does not eliminate nor take the place of the MEIKO sales representative’s full demonstration of the new equipment.
The MEIKO sales representative should be present for the Performance and Installation Inspection, and should perform the demonstration at the conclusion of the inspection.