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Catering and MEIKO

Big racks and boxes won't get in the way of great results

Catering is a diverse field: awkwardly shaped boxes, containers, delicate glassware – anything goes. MEIKO tackles the job! Your machine will keep on washing and washing.

Broaden your horizons with flexible clean solutions

Easy operation goes without saying much

Changes in staffing, different backgrounds and cultures – MEIKO dishwashing machines know how to handle this. Intuitive one-touch operation and clear display symbols make operating our machines exceptionally easy.

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Improve moods and sink costs

Good catering makes for good spirits! And they are even better when washing and cleaning costs are kept under control. MEIKO knows how to do that. Innovative technology with economics built-in!

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Clean solutions for catering
And the winner is MEIKO
MEIKO dishwashing technology: an important element in your catering

When everything comes back to the warehouse all at once, time is short, and the result needs to be top class. Lucky for you, MEIKO technology tackles the challenges in the catering industry. Cups, plates, glasses, pans, and trays – no time for sorting, everything has to be clean again for the next event. More than that: it has to satisfy the highest cleanliness and safety requirements. Food soil that has sat on ware for several days comes off on the first pass through the machine. In addition, the warewashing technology from MEIKO is very easy to operate thanks to the “blue concept” – which helps break language barriers in multicultural settings.

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