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MEIKO commercial dishwashers for Kreative School catering

The catering specialists “Kreative GV” set highlights in Hamburg and the surrounding area. Direct and distance catering as well as an innovative party service are on the agenda of managing director Rainer Bothe.

One focus of his work is providing catering services to children in nurseries and primary schools who get to eat fresh food, most of which originates from eco-friendly sources and sustainable production. "Around 80 percent of the food that we prepare is organic," highlights kitchen chef Thorsten Fröling, "and many of the parents are very happy about that."

Around 6,500 meals are prepared and served up each day in three kitchens.

Children will always eat. Catering for this target group guarantees a reliable degree of scale in terms of production and calculation. Along with the 120 meals at the ballet school that are prepared and served up every day, it is from there that a further 600 portions are delivered to thankful young consumers. Around 200 of these meals fulfil the criteria of specific dietary formats. “We have positioned ourselves as specialists in the preparation of meals for children who suffer from food allergies.” explains Rainer Bothe.

While the crockery is washed locally at the nurseries and schools, it is still necessary for all of the cooking equipment from around 70 facilities to be hygienic cleaned. “Everything that is returned by the customers, thermal boxes, transport containers, etc. is cleaned in the M-iQ,” explains Rainer Bothe.

These items are joined by all the equipment from the production kitchen such as crockery and baking trays as well as ladles, glasses and cutlery from outdoor catering.

“I haven’t regretted buying it for one moment.” says Rainer Bothe.

“During the tendering it went up against two additional machines from other manufacturers and convinced us with its superb performance forecast in the consumption of energy, water and detergent.“

The “Kreative GV” also received financial support from the investment bank of Hamburg for new energy-efficient equipment. “30 percent of the investment was paid for,” says Rainer Bothe looking back, praising the work completed by Sabine Sörensen (MEIKO agency/Hamburg) towards the authorities. According to the predictions, the machine is set to pay itself in a relatively short time. “Our new M-iQ has a conveyor system that cleans a lot of dirty crockery in a short time and is not labour intensive either. In comparison with the old days, everything is a lot easier.” explains Rainer Bothe.

Rainer Bothe has completed his offering in the area of creative community catering. “None of what we do is off the shelf – we make sure that take an individual approach to every event,” highlights the professional, who is making a good name for himself in Hamburg.