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    The Dishroom Dilemma

    Reduce steam in commercial kitchens


    If you work in commercial foodservice, you're familiar with intense heat in the kitchen. And we're not talking about a fiery menu! A hot kitchen environment is a major concern for chefs, staff and restaurant operators.

    In addition to the heat dishcharged from cooking appliances, steam released from warewashing equipment can make the kitchen temperature too hot to handle. Steam released into the air increases air temperature and humidity in the room, often making staff incredibly uncomfortable. High-temp dishwashers can be expensive to operate, even without the added expense of regulating the dishroom temperature. One of the essential components of an effective dishwashing machine is heat, after all, which takes a substantial amount of power to produce. Restaurant operators don't like being surprised by shockingly high utility bills, but advanced technology means a dishwasher's heat can be controlled and contained effectively!

    The Dilemma

    For any kitchen operation, temperature is a key element. Commercial dishwashers are one of those equipment that can affect the comfort level of your kitchen environment where work needs to be done, and done comfortably. Here, in the dishroom area, high temperature combined with water is turned into steam. It is the heat behind the process that makes your dishwasher the way it is - fast and efficient.

    As a result, the kitchen becomes more humid - a counterproductive environment for chefs and staff to work in, according to research. The operator also runs the risk of coming into contact with the hot air that is being released.

    Uncomfortable humid kitchen
    A humid kitchen makes chefs and staff less comfortable

    The Alternative: Recycled Air

    There are only two options for handling the air released by the dishwasher- release or recycle. Of course, the latter is preferred. Heat recovery systems are one of the greatest innovations in warewashing technology. These systems can reduce your utility consumption rates and create a better environment for your employees by keeping the heat inside the warewashing machine. This feature tends to pay for itself over the lifetime of your investment, while also fulfilling dishwashing needs.

    M-iQ AirConcept

    MEIKO’s M-iQ AirConcept aims to:

    • Eliminate the need for a direct exhaust air connection
    • Provide optimal energy efficiency to the restaurant
    • Provide uncompromising conformity to DIN Standards

    MEIKO’s AirConcept approach to air management recovers the heat from exhaust air for future use. With the heat recovery module, hot steam that was formerly released into the kitchen environment is recycled to produce thermal energy inside the dish machine, reducing overall energy consumption and potentially your electric bill! Additionally, with the diminished exhaust air volume and temperature, a direct exhaust air connection is no longer necessary. The dishroom becomes a cooler, better place to work in… and your dishroom dilemma is resolved!

    Punkt2 AirConcept M-iQ
    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Source: MEIKO Asia, Open Textbooks BC