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    Choosing the right commercial dishwasher can generate big savings

    An employee uses a MEIKO industrial dishwasher in a back-of-house kitchen environment

    A commercial dishwasher is essential to foodservice operations. But choosing the right one can be a complex decision. Today’s state-of-the-art commercial dishwashers offer a wide range of technologies and efficiencies, but how many can save you money? Only MEIKO.

    Here are six ways MEIKO commercial dishwashers can make a significant contribution to your operation’s bottom line.

    Virtually eliminate hand polishing!
    Nothing increases labor costs like having to hand-polish dishware that’s already been washed. With a MEIKO commercial dishwashing machine, glassware and dishes come out so clean it makes hand-polishing almost obsolete. According to one MEIKO customer, “[the] wash results are so good we no longer need to hand polish; we are saving labor as well as energy.” This also helps reduce glass breakage, providing further costs savings and preventing injuries.

    Intuitive controls keep you running fast
    MEIKO has easy-to-use, intuitive features that make it easy to understand and operate. User-friendly blue-colored components quickly show employees which parts need hands-on cleaning and maintenance. The KA Series of rack-conveyor dishwashers also has an illuminated glass touchscreen panel that provides key information at a glance, in multiple languages, to help operators work quickly.

    Another MEIKO customer says, “Our MEIKO machines are a tremendous asset to our kitchen because I barely have to think about them. The dishes come out beautifully, the efficiency is second-to-none, and the machines are a no-brainer to operate and take care of.” Less time spent figuring out how to use the machine, and more time spent working can reduce labor costs.

    Less water consumption
    According to a 2018 Lodging Survey by the American Hotel and Lodging Association and STR, the majority of hotels within all chain scales report having some type of water-savings program in place (65%). Reducing water usage is both an environmental concern, and an important financial benefit.

    Today’s newer dishwasher models can use up to two-thirds less water than older models. MEIKO commercial dishwashers have the lowest water consumption per wash cycle of any commercial dishwasher in the industry. So with a MEIKO commercial dishwasher, you’ll conserve the earth’s precious water resources, which saves you precious monetary resources.

    Energy efficiency that saves money
    Dishwashers use a lot of energy to heat water for cleaning and sanitizing. The national average cost of electricity for commercial customers is 10.53 cents per kilowatt/hour. Energy can be one of your greatest expenses.

    The heat-recovery system designed by MEIKO significantly reduces energy consumption by capturing heat within the wash process and then reusing it. MEIKO commercial dishwashers are also so well insulated they keep heat inside the machine, which remains cool to the touch on the outside, providing a quieter and cooler working environment for employees.

    Less water and chemicals
    Water, chemical products (detergent and rinse aid) and technology must find just the right mix to obtain the best results. Too much detergent, for example, can lead to glass corrosion. Too little may mean that glasses and dishes end up with water spots.

    Incorrect use of rinse aid also creates issues. Too much results in unsightly streaks, and not enough can cause rinse nozzles and other machine parts to clog with lime scale, reducing the lifespan of the your commercial dishwasher.

    MEIKO commercial dishwashing machines significantly reduce the amount of chemicals required for cleaning dishes. One MEIKO customer confirms these findings: “We’ve saved money on chemicals, water, and energy, and even reduced our labor and waste costs.”

    Dependable, reliable technology and design
    Keeping a dishwashing machine well-maintained minimizes breakdowns, maximizes operating efficiency, and increases its working life – all factors that save money. When considering a purchase, operators should be confident that their dishwashing manufacturer has a network of qualified technicians who are available 24/7, whenever a machine experiences a failure or needs routine maintenance. MEIKO provides all its customers with that high level of support.

    Choosing a more efficient commercial dishwasher from MEIKO can positively impact an operation’s bottom line. In a study completed by Frontier Energy of a head-to-head comparison between a MEIKO M-iQ flight-type dishwasher with exhaust air heat recovery, and the existing dishwasher used by a leading California hotel, savings were estimated to be at least $23,000/year with the MEIKO M-iQ flight-tyype dishwasher.

    To learn more about MEIKO’s clean solutions for foodservice operations ranging from restaurants, bars and caterers, to hospitals, hotels and universities, visit: