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MEIKO products are designed and engineered first and foremost to meet the challenges of the commercial world—and that’s a beautiful thing. This thinking has led us to become the world’s #1 brand in flight-type conveyor warewashers.

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MEIKO's new M-iQ redefines dishwashing technology. Click here to see the features of this revolutionary dishwasher in action.
MEIKO brings cutting edge technologies and advanced engineering to dishwashing solutions. Click here for an overview.
MEIKO's exclusive, award-winning Waste Air Heat Recovery System reclaims the waste heat generated during warewashing as free energy. Click here for an overview.
MEIKO's TopLine healthcare cleaning/disinfection appliances promote cleanliness, efficiency and environmental friendliness. Click here for an overview.


Abu Dhabi – MEIKO Inc., a world-leader in integrated cleaning and disinfection solutions, recently received the Mercury Award from the International Travel Catering Association (ITCA).

Awarded bi-yearly, and widely regarded as an important distinction, the Mercury Awards identify the strongest partners in the travel catering industry.  This year’s prize in the “Heavy Equipment” category was awarded to MEIKO for its latest generation of M-iQ flight and rack type dishwashing machines. As the most efficient flight type conveyors in the world, M-iQ is the machine of choice at major airports all over the world.

"This prize is a clear acknowledgement of our innovation and leadership, and it celebrates the close cooperation between MEIKO and our customers," says Klaus Engesser, MEIKO's head of exports.



MEIKO kube\CS-70 receives 2013 Kitchen Innovations Award

ki-logo-2013-mdThe kube\CS-70 door-type sanitizing dish machine has been awarded a Kitchen Innovations 2013 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show.


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By daring to go low-temp, we didn’t lower to the standards of other manufacturers. The kube\CS-70 will raise them up to ours.

kube CS-70 Introducing kube\CS-70, MEIKO’s first-ever low-temp dishmachine. The smart design, ease of use & industry-leading efficiency made famous by our high-temp products, now available in a low-temp.

Learn more about the kube\CS-70 and find out how we’re raising the bar on low-temps.