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Cleaning and disinfection appliance for cleaning BA masks and its hygiene features

Emergency operatives require safety – so do respiratory protective equipment technicians! Machine cleaning with the MEIKO TopClean M speeds up work and improves hygiene in respiratory protective equipment workshops. The following features and functions make the cleaning process especially safe and reliable.

The TopClean M cleaning and disinfection appliance can be relied upon to clean BA masks hygienically.
The top hygiene features of the appliance:

Permanently pressurised rack: the regulators are connected to the rack, pressurised and then cleaned (patented technology).


  • Moisture cannot get into the regulators during the cleaning and disinfection process
  • Maximum process reliability

Longer running times: process temperatures are permanently monitored. If the prescribed values are not reached, the running time of the cleaning programme is extended automatically.


  • Tested and safe cleaning process

Door locking: once the programme has started, the cleaning and disinfection process cannot be interrupted and the wash chamber cannot be opened.


  • Operation cannot be interrupted (by employees or in the event of a power failure)
  • Closed, valid, safe cleaning process
  • No risk of injury to the respiratory protective equipment technician (occupational safety)

Temperature shown on display: so you know what is going on in the cleaning process.


  • Water temperatures of 60 degrees ensure hygiene safety – in combination with chemicals, contact time and washing mechanics (chemothermal process)
  • See and assess efficacy in destroying thermolabile (heat-sensitive) pathogens

Modular rack system: one base rack – multiple inserts. Equally suitable for BA masks, regulators, self contained breathing apparatus or combined equipment.


  • Optimum positioning of PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Ideal for cleaning the individual parts of PPE

Dosing systems for detergent and rinse aid: these are built into the appliance and activated by the machine itself.


  • Optimum dosing of chemicals
  • Hygiene safety using automation

Empty indicator: when detergent or rinse aid is running low, a warning is displayed indicating that the chemicals need to be topped up soon. Should detergent or rinse aid run out completely, an error message is displayed and it will not be possible to start up the appliance.


  • The appliance will not operate without chemicals
  • Process reliability

GiO MODULE: the integrated reverse osmosis system achieves a purity of approx. 98%, almost completely demineralising and sterilising the water – it is world class in water treatment


  • Consistent water quality ensures consistent hygiene safety
  • All germs larger than 0.0001 micrometer are filtered out
  • Zero-residue drying of BA mask visors
  • No manual polishing required after cleaning
Reverse Osmosis for sparkling clean dishes and glassware

For clients who want their glasses and dishes to sparkle, improving the water quality is essential – and that calls for demineralisation or osmosis.

Water Treatment - methods, advantages, technologies

Water does not always behave the same way when we clean with it. Some of the minerals it contains can inhibit performance by leaving those familiar ugly and unappetising smears on cutlery and glasses. In dishwashers they may deposit a fur commonly known as limescale.

AktivPlus filter: larger dirt particles are filtered out and the chemicals do not have to ‘break them down’ first.


  • Fewer chemicals are required

  • Active dirt removal – fewer dirt particles in the wash chamber or the tank

  • Overall: more hygienic, more effective wash water

Laugenfeinfiltersystem - AktivPlus
MEIKO's cost-cutting filter system for dishwashing equipment

MEIKO's cost-cutting filter system

Stainless steel surfaces: seamless connections and sealed surfaces to perfectly connect the individual components are brand distinctives for us. Everything is made from stainless steel.


  • For hygienic workspaces that meet customer's needs and fulfil all statutory requirements
  • Stainless steel surfaces are bacteriostatic and easy to clean and disinfect