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White paper dishwashing area planning

Step by step to an optimal result in your commercial kitchen

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Whether you are planning a brand new commercial kitchen / dishwashing area or renovating an existing one, if you work in food service professionally then you want your kitchen planned professionally. What hotel and food service managers should know about commercial kitchen / dishwashing area planning is described in this concise and easy to read white paper on less than 12 pages.


  • Expert planning
  • Ergonomics
  • Efficiency
  • Ventilation
  • Food waste disposal

Experts design and plan for a specific industry

You are an expert on preparing food and /or running your (food) business. But what do you know about hygiene, ergonomics, safety and efficiency of commercial kitchen planning? What about commercial kitchen and dishwashing appliances and how they do on things like performance, quality and maintenance costs? And are you familiar with the latest legal standards you will have to stick to? Not really?! The most important decision you make is probably hiring a specialist to handle the design. Experts design and plan for a specific industry.


Simple solutions to complex problems

There is no one fits it all solution for all commercial kitchen or dishwashing areas. Numerous factors need to be considered. To name but a few:

  • the type of your enterprise
  • the size of the establishment (number of covers)
  • Number of guests (covers per hour)
  • occupancy rate in general operation and at peak times
  • space available
  • and many more

A comprehensive list of criteria can be found in this white paper. And with the help of an expert you will get to your individual commercial kitchen design step by step.

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Ergonomics: higher efficiency, less downtime

If you consider that millions of work days are lost to ‘back pain’ each year, then ergonomics is clearly the key for any successful enterprise. Anyone who works in a restaurant or commercial kitchen knows how important it is to have ergonomic working conditions and workflows that make the best use of the time and space available. How does smart commercial kitchen design and the use of latest technology improve working conditions and make your business more successful? A kitchen planning expert illustrates this in the white paper showing an exemplary design of a commercial kitchen.

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