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360 Bistro, Urban Grub, and Craft Brewed

The M-iClean undercounter dishwasher is designed to clean in different venues for different patrons.

Urban Grub Restaurant

The M-iClean commercial undercounter dishwasher is designed to clean in different venues for different patrons. 360 Bistro is a progressive concept wine bar serving 1200-1500 guests a week in the 5 year old establishment. Craft Brewed is a community-driven beer joint that brings all types of beer lovers together.  Urban Grub is a combination of traditional southern food and fresh seafood with a vast array of craft cocktails.

By being quiet and efficient, bars and restaurants can have their M-iClean commercial dishwasher front and center without disturbing the dining or bar experience.

The M-iClean UM undercounter dishwasher is great for keeping barware sparkling clean, removing the need to hand polish glasses.

The chemical balance and high temperature leave the glasses residue free giving wine drinkers the pure flavor of the beverage. Beer aficionados get the right proportion of head on the beer and no chemical aftertaste that low-temperature machines might leave.

Testimonial M-iClean Video
M-iClean dishwasher at Urban Grub, Craft Brewed and 360 Bistro

The LED handle talks the wait staff across the bar, giving them an accurate view of where the dishrack is in the cleaning cycle.  Green means that it is washing efficiently, blue indicates that the dishwasher is ready for a new rack of soiled ware, and red tells the staff that there is an important message for them.

Breakdown and nightly washing are simplified by the blue indicators inside the dishwashing machine tell the bar staff what needs to be cleaned at the end of the shift.  The self-assisted cleaning cycle takes only a few minutes and the dishwasher is ready to be used the next day.

These users of the MEIKO M-iClean undercounter commercial dishwasher would highly recommend the machine to anyone looking to replace their undercounter dishwashers.