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M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine exceeds all expectations at John Flynn Hospital


"Best value for money, reliability, a high end reputation, power and water savings"

"These are only a few reasons that MEIKO is the commercial dishwashing company for John Flynn Hospital,” says George Stewart, Catering and Support Services Manager.

John Flynn Private Hospital is operated by Ramsay Health Care and rates in the top five hospitals in Australia for overall hospital experience and medical team recommendation, according to a survey by Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurer, HCF, in its July 2014 survey of the hospital experiences of more than 11,000 of its members.

“The dishwashing system here takes a hammering,” continues Stewart, “with 4000-5000 pieces of crockery, cutlery and trays washed daily, plus a workload generated from hospital functions. When I first arrived to work at John Flynn, three tenders were on my desk for a new dishwashing system and I have to say, MEIKO’s was by far the best."

“The staff actually operating the machine gave me their true opinion; they liked it. There was also very little downtime, which is most important. Add to that the savings in energy and the fact that the system will pay for itself and – as I have been telling colleagues in other hospitals – you may pay a little extra at the start, but you get that back in the long term.”

"On the M-iQ machines we run wireless temperature checks that download to computer 24/7."

“We have been using big M-iQ dishwashers and FV-model pot washers in the main kitchens and FV40.2 under bench dishwashers at ward level for around 1-3 years; we have recently added GiO reverse osmosis to the FV.40s to improve the finish of glassware, cutlery and crockery. Our policy now is to move our entire estate of ward level dishwashers to MEIKO, as the mix of existing machines wear out."

“The automatic temperature control which ensures the machines will not wash until it has achieved the correct temperature is good for our HACCP food safety plan. On the M-iQ machines we run wireless temperature checks that download to computer 24/7. “By using MEIKO, we have been saving over 2x what we use to in money, power and water. Our staff love the machines as they are easy to operate, clean and have great safety features."

“An example of MEIKO’s excellent service includes changing the specification of a big dishwasher; rather than installing the standard two fans, MEIKO changed this to a more powerful single fan, which saved crucial space for us at the drying end."

“Hospitals can’t afford downtime and we have proved here that we have not had one incidence, absolutely nil over two years. I would continue to recommend MEIKO as I have been to other organisations. They have assisted our production and savings immensely whilst providing us with the best service.”

Reverse Osmosis for sparkling clean dishes and glassware

For clients who want their glasses and dishes to sparkle, improving the water quality is essential – and that calls for demineralisation or osmosis.