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Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre London Heathrow

Clear return on investment for Heathrow's largest hotel and conference centre

ParkInn Radisson London

The Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre London Heathrow, offers 895 guest rooms and suites as well as Heathrow's largest meeting and event facilities, with two conference centres and 41 meeting rooms, accommodating up to 700 people for conferences and 500 for banquets.

A restaurant refurbishment was completed in 2016 including a brand new M-iQ rack transport dishwasher from MEIKO.

Iain Bird, Chief Engineer complimented MEIKO's detailed cost projections, provided by MEIKO UK’s Business Development Manager – Business & Industry, Mark Sharland.

These illustrated clear gains in sustainability including significant reductions in power, water and chemicals consumption, compared to the existing dishwash system from another German manufacturer.

“MEIKO made it easy to compare their offer with the other manufacturers."

"The quotation came with a detailed projection of energy savings which in turn provided a clear return on investment,” said Bird.

The cost projections showed in a per hour comparison:  
M-iQ £3.29/hr. Existing: £6.02/hr.

Water consumption costs (£/hr.): 
M-iQ: £0.74  Existing £1.44

Detergent costs (£/hr.):
M-iQ: £0.78  Existing: £3.08 
(M-iQ features significantly reduced volume of final rinse water)

Comparison of annual running costs: 
M-iQ: £14,045.20 Existing: £30,76.80

Total cost savings per year with M-iQ: £16,731.60

“We were given additional confidence to choose MEIKO because the machine came with an extended parts & labour warranty – a good indicator that a company believes in the reliability of its product,” said Bird.

Model featured: M-iQ K-M54 V6 P6, with up to 130 racks per hour throughput. This model is ideally suited to process mixed ware including crockery, cutlery, glassware and kitchen utensils/GN pans etc.

This particular dishwash system also features a space-saving 180-degree rack return section that brings the cleaned ware back towards the operator, also saving time to collect and store washed ware.

NOTE: No additional ventilation other than conventional room ventilation was required, saving £1000s in M&E costs.