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MEIKO warewashing machines offer the highest standards of engineering and hygiene.

Hotel Elephant Restaurant

The Elephant Hotel is an integral part of Weimar's heritage. First mentioned in records from the year 1561, it has been operating as a hotel for the past 317 years. Goethe once enjoyed a drink or two in the Elephant, and over the years it has maintained its status as a popular meeting point for artists, statesman, intellectuals and poets from all over Europe.

Renovated in 1937, the interior of the hotel now boasts an elegant mix of Bauhaus and Art Deco.

The historical building is also home to "Anna Amalia", regarded as one of the best fine dining establishments in the state of Thuringia. Behind the scenes, a skilled team of professionals produces high-quality meals under the watchful eye of experienced chef de cuisine Marcello Fabbri. These stringent quality standards also apply to the kitchen's hygiene policies and technical equipment.

That's why the Elephant Hotel in Weimar opted for warewashing technology from MEIKO, a company that guarantees hassle-free operation and sparkling wash results.