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Efficient and cost-effective dishwashing with the M-iQ basket transport warewasher

Spiegel Verlag and MEIKO

In September 2011, the publishing arm of the Spiegel Group moved into one of Europe's most modern multimedia buildings in the HafenCity district of Hamburg on the River Elbe. The team responsible for producing the news magazine Der Spiegel and the news website Spiegel Online – as well as Spiegel TV and Manager magazine – now occupies a 30,000 m² space in this prime location.

The building also features what is widely regarded as Germany's best located staff restaurant. This beautifully appointed space on the ground floor offers table service dining to around 750 of the company's 1,100 employees every day with marvellous views over the River Elbe. Eat-in diners can choose between three different menus, and the restaurant also delivers approximately 200 meals to the employees of the weekly newspaper Die Zeit.

In addition to its weekend, breakfast, lunch, dinner and night-time meal services, the restaurant also runs two self-service kitchenettes on each floor of the building. The dirty crockery and cutlery from these 26 kitchenettes and one snack bar is all channelled into the same wash-up area. But thanks to the M-iQ dishwashing machine and its integrated GiO TECH reverse osmosis technology, the hassle of having to manually polish glassware, crockery and cutlery after washing is now a thing of the past. The M-iQ dishwashing machine has proved to be an efficient and economical warewashing machine, and the MEIKO AirConcept system has significantly improved the quality of the indoor climate.

All in all a great improvement, as Alfred Freeman, head of in-house catering operations at the Spiegel publishing house, explains:

"Even taking into account the fact that we have to collect the dirty dishware and glassware and transport it to the wash-up area, the system we have now is far more efficient and cost-effective than any we've ever had before. The indoor climate in the wash-up area is also a lot better. In terms of getting cutting-edge technology and minimizing the consumption of energy, water and detergent, we really went for the Ferrari of the warewashing world!"

"The investment has really paid off and the dishwashing results are outstanding."

Punkt2 AirConcept M-iQ
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