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Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle

Dishwashing machine reduced chemicals consumption at Lycée Français

French high school London

With regular planned preventative maintenance four times per annum, the existing flight dishwashing machine & system had reached the grand old age of 26 years. Eventually – the time had come for a replacement to cope with an increasing number of pupils. “The school has had a service contract with MEIKO ever since the first machine was installed 26 years ago. As a consequence, the machine was serviced during the holidays by MEIKO, four times a year and the dishwash area was also deep cleaned.” says Lycée Français Head Chef Nicolas Meunier.

“MEIKO’s engineer, Gerry, knows the site well and is very careful, very professional. He knows the right time of day to visit, so as not to interfere with the running of the kitchen – we appreciate that attention to detail.”

The Lycée Français serves 2200 meals lunchtimes using four sittings and operates with 38 staff in the kitchen, with up to nine working in the dishwash area. “We held a competitive tender for the new dishwashing system and turnkey refurbishment project, obtaining quotes from MEIKO and its main competitors. Based on the performance and versatility, MEIKO’s offer was very much better – and the most competitive on overall project price.”

“The new system has been installed only a few months but already I have noticed that we are using a lot less chemicals than before."

"The main dishwasher is providing excellent results.”

The new Glasswasher provides spotless glassware and the cutlery pre-soak means less food debris is carried into the main dishwashing machine, which in addition to reducing the chemicals consumption, also ensures the best possible washing results.

“As the school was closed for the holidays during the refurbishment, MEIKO appointed a project management company to oversee the work. Rees Associates ensured that the enabling and refurbishment work went according to program as we had to be absolutely sure the dishwashing area would be ready for the school re-opening in September.”

The Lycée Français, usually referred to as the Lycée or the French Lycée, is a large co-educational primary and secondary independent day school, wholly owned by the French Government. Situated in South Kensington, London, the school also includes three primary school satellites: André Malraux, Marie d'Orliac and Wix.

“Recycling makes sense and we wanted to involve the pupils more in the process.”

In addition to the installation of the new dishwashing system, a AZP80 trough fed dewatering unit was also installed along with a new tray conveying system and a magnetic cutlery lifting unit with accompanying cutlery soaking tank. To accommodate the extended tray transport conveyor and the new food waste recycling system, MEIKO also had to take out and make good a section of the existing structural wall.