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Kaffee Wippler

Tradition and innovation: M-iClean dishwashers get the job done at Kaffee Wippler

"And because we were so pleased with the (dishwashing) machine and the technical support, we opted for MEIKO when it came to buying the second machine, too!"

Dovetailing tradition and innovation, the Wippler family business has devoted itself to creative baking and pastry making for the best part of 107 years. The Wipplers have become something of an institution in Dresden's baking scene, operating a total of five outlets including their 'Backwirtschaft' bakery on the former estate of Pillnitz Castle.

Customers can savour an impressive assortment of high-quality baked goods and pastries. Many of the tried-and-tested recipes and new creations are the brainchild of Kathrin Wippler, who shows an extraordinary knack for combining the traditional art of baking with the very latest nutritional research and ever-changing trends in people's tastes.

From baked goods and cakes to pastries and pralines, the love and attention to detail the Wipplers put into their products shines through in every single creation. What's more, each delicious delicacy is made exclusively from natural, healthy ingredients such as butter, cream, fresh fruit and high-quality, freshly made chocolate.

A skilled hand is particularly evident in the wide selection of chocolates and pralines, all of which bear the unmistakable hallmark of Kathrin Wippler's creativity. These exquisite delicacies are moulded by the chocolatier's tools or shaped and layered by hand. Highlights include 'Webers Freikugeln®' – seven delicate marzipan pralines with special fillings created in homage to the opera 'Der Freischütz' by Carl Maria von Weber – and their worthy successor the 'W.I.P. Würfel', little cubes of sponge soaked in the local herbal liqueur and coated in chocolate and gianduja which take pride of place as the number one sweet treat at Wippler Kaffee.

Sparkling results behind the scenes

From cups and glasses to cutlery and plates, the two MEIKO M-iClean U dishwashers with built-in GiO modules get everything perfectly clean and hygienic every time.

"We purchased our first MEIKO dishwashing machine in December 2015, " says Gregor Wippler. "And because we were so pleased with the machine and the technical support, we opted for MEIKO when it came to buying the second machine, too! We installed both of the machines on plinths. That's better for our employee's backs and makes it even easier to use the machines, which are already very user-friendly. Both dishwashing machines run all day long, washing the dishware from the café as well as the trays from the serving counter. We've noticed that the glasses we wash in the new machines no longer have any smears on them, and the other washware comes out far cleaner than before, too. That saves time because we don't have to polish the glasses by hand, and it gets the equipment back into the café faster. The machines are very modern, with a clear touchscreen displays and colour-coded wash programmes. It's good to have high-tech equipment in the wash-up area, but a dishwasher still needs to do a great job of performing its basic function."