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Warewashing technology from MEIKO contributes to Beckmann's environmental management philosophy!

Bakery Beckmann in Uslar

A modern fleet of equipment – especially for warewashing technology – contributes to Beckmann's environmental management philosophy. Intelligent warewashing machines from MEIKO are employed in all branches. Especially in the "Backkultur & Kaffeezeit" flagship store, the DV 125.2 universal warewashing machine with Meiko heat recovery function is exposed to extreme loads.

During the daily opening times from 6 in the morning until 7 in the evening, as well as on Sundays from 7 in the morning until 5 in the evening, it runs at full pelt and cleans the wash ware in a cycle lasting just four minutes. The storage space for the dishes is limited, and so they have to be replenished very quickly.

The door type warewashing machine requires only a small space and is extremely easy to use.

"The baskets carrying the dirty dishes can simply be pushed into the warewashing machine and cleared again just as easily after the cleaning process", says employee Manuela George, who values above all the ergonomic operating height of the pass-through machine.

And the dishwashig machine also has a positive effect on the room climate. After every rinse process, the hot hot vapours are systematically routed to the water circuit for heat recovery, in the form of an energy supplier so to speak.

"This advantage reduces the connected load on the machine by up to twelve percent, allowing us to make considerable energy savings", explains Marcus Beckmann.

Saskia and Marcus Beckmann are taking the largest bakery in the Uslar region into the fourth generation. Three branches are on a success course, a further one is being planned. The latest flagship is the "Backkultur & Kaffeezeit" shop, a culinary highlight among bakeries in the area. Quality and variety are key when it comes to bakery and confectionary products. "In all areas, we have developed and set trends", explains Marcus Beckmann, for sees energy efficiency and resource conservation as paramount.