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    Nashville, Tennessee (January 18, 2016) – On April 14, 2016, MEIKO will host a factory tour for the Food Service Consultant International convention in Nashville, Tennessee. The theme of the event is German Engineering - Global Manufacturing - Southern Hospitality.

    The tour will include live entertainment on a shuttle bus from Nashville to La Vergne, which is about 20 minutes southeast of Nashville. Upon arriving at the factory, the tour guests will hear a brief history of MEIKO and learn about the newest technology from the company, GreenEye.
    To receive 3 CEU’s, the consultants will participate in the MEIKO Olympic Games, including ergonomics of commercial dishwashers, dishroom design in a fun and hands-on way, and worker safety and comfort.

    All attendees will be served a gourmet southern lunch while learning about beer and wine pairings.


    About MEIKO

    MEIKO is a world leader in integrated cleaning and disinfection solutions. Globally known for industry-leading and sustainable designs, MEIKO manufacturers commercial warewashers, waste handlers, tray conveyors and disinfection appliances for the foodservice and healthcare industries. MEIKO equipment is fully supported by a technical service network of over 600 locations, with 24/7 support available by factory-trained, CEFSA-certified technicians. Founded as a five-man workshop in 1927, MEIKO has over 2,000 employees in 21 subsidiaries worldwide. To learn more about MEIKO, visit or call (800) 55–MEIKO.