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Independent study says: MEIKO M-iQ flight-type dishwashing machine is "best-in-class".

Imagine huge savings in your dishwashing costs by using even less energy and water. And a possible return on investment for a new dishwashing machine in less than 3 years?

An in-depth field test shows: it is possible. On behalf of the Pacific Gas & Electric Company, the independent US-based industry consultant Fisher Nickel (Frontier Energy Group) has analyzed the water and energy consumption field testing two machines in order to evaluate their efficiency.

The MEIKO M-iQ dishwasher was named by Fisher Nickel “best-in-class” for its huge energy savings.

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Fisher Nickel stated in the report that “the Meiko unit saved at least 36% water and 37% energy and outperformed the prior-generation machine. (Table 1). The data was also additionally normalized for the throughput of each machine based on useful belt width. This normalization yielded at least 52% water savings and 56% energy savings”. (Fisher Nickel report 2017: Energy Efficient Flight Conveyor Dishwashers, page 2).

Fisher Nickel compared also with a dish washer the competitor is currently selling on the market. The MEIKO M-iQ .was even using substantially less energy and water compared to this machine. But “It is important to note that [it] was monitored in a more demanding [environment so that] the results would be improved slightly if it had been tested at the [same dishroom].” (Fisher Nickel report 2017: Energy Efficient Flight Conveyor Dishwashers, page 2). Had this machine run all day, there would be some efficiency gains.” (page 25; Water and Energy Savings potential).

According to the example calculation by Fisher-Nickel in the concrete business case Fisher Nickel estimated an “annual utility cost savings potential of $58,303 for each older unit replaced with the best-in-class unit and makes the business case for the early retirement of the older machines at Gate Gourmet.” (Fisher Nickel report 2017: Energy Efficient Flight Conveyor Dishwashers, page 3).

Why does the MEIKO M-iQ dishwasher use so little energy and water: watch the video here

What makes these results so reliable?

Fisher Nickel is a specialist in energy efficiency of commercial kitchens.
Find out more about Fisher Nickel (Frontier Energy Group) here.

Fisher-Nickel conducted the study for an important reason:

“One of the major motivations for this study is to provide a business case for early retirement of even ENERGY STAR qualified machines with “best-in-class” equipment for food service operators.” (Fisher Nickel report 2017: Energy Efficient Flight Conveyor Dishwashers, page 5).

The study concludes:

The new generation best-in-class machine outperformed the prior-generation unit by a large margin. It did the same amount of work but used substantially less energy and water (page 29; Evaluations). The technologies on the Meiko unit are currently on the market and available for customers to purchase. These technologies increase the efficiency of the dishroom and solve multiple maintenance problems, and likely increase the lifetime of the machine while ensuring proper machine operation. The substantial cost savings and low simple payback time make a reasonable business case to retire even high-efficiency machines early.(Page 31, Market Readiness)

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Fisher Nickel estimates the ROI period of 2.6 years for replacing flight-type dishwashers using the older ENERGY STAR 1.0 standard with a current-generation MEIKO flight-type machine. For additional details, please check the “Financial Analysis” section of the Fisher-Nickel report (Fisher Nickel report 2017: Energy Efficient Flight Conveyor Dishwashers, page 30/31).


Fisher Nickel Study Energy Efficient Flight-Type Dishwashers: http://etcc-ca.com/reports/energy-efficient-flight-conveyor-dishwashers