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    The new rack conveyor dishwasher paid for itself in a matter of months

    Urban Grub Restaurant

    Growing up in his family’s food service equipment business, Edgar Pendley got an early exposure to the restaurant and hospitality world. He helped equip hotel and restaurant kitchens with all the items needed to get food onto the tables. When he received the opportunity to craft the menu for a new restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, Urban Grub, Pendley took it. Urban Grub was designed to make two and a half million in yearly revenue. Because of the popularity of Pendley’s cuisine, the Nashville hot spot makes about three times that much.

    With that kind of growth comes growing pains. The kitchen needed a better dishwashing solution than the door type warewasher, and the team at MEIKO knew that they could offer a way to make the workflow better for Urban Grub. Pendley took a chance reworking the dishroom and installing a K-44 rack conveyor dishwasher.

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    The results have been outstanding. By following the advice of the dishroom solution experts, the staff at Urban Grub can leave six or seven hours earlier than with the door machine. The rack conveyor dishwasher is saving $2,000-$3,000 a month in labor costs and another $2,000 a month in water savings. 

    “The cost savings that came in our first month of using the MEIKO machine was just astronomical."

    "We never really thought that we would save that much by switching from a door machine to a rack conveyor machine, but the throughput of this machine is so much higher than a door. It just blows us away,” said Edgar Pendley.

    By making an investment in the business, Urban Grub recoups savings every month. It cleans effectively and economically. The K-44 rack conveyor paid for itself in a matter of months, while giving perfectly clean results every time.

    “I would absolutely recommend MEIKO to anybody else in the market for a commercial dish machine,” Pendley explains.