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    See how the M-iQ Conveyor Dishwasher delivered big savings for Marriott

    Results of the conveyor dishwasher study

    MEIKO conveyor dishwasher

    Frontier Energy, the industry leader in commercial kitchen energy and water efficiency and appliance performance testing, recently reviewed two flight-type rackless conveyor dishwashers at The Marriott Hotel in San Ramon, California: a past-generation flight conveyor dishwasher, then the M-iQ conveyor dishwasher from MEIKO, equipped with exhaust air heat recovery.

    The results of this independent audit were clear:

    • The M-iQ flight-type conveyor dishwasher used 63% less total water and 84% less hot water
    • This yielded an 84% reduction in gas energy consumption
    • Electrical energy use was reduced by 19%
    • Estimated peak demand was reduced by 36%, from 70 kW to 45 kW

    The audit concluded that switching to the MEIKO M-iQ flight type conveyor dishwasher would result in a total annual savings of more than $23,000 for the San Ramon Marriott.


    MEIKO's optional GreenEye™ feature

    provides visual lighting indicators to help operators load the conveyor dishwasher in the most efficient way possible — and also includes the Green Filter system, removing even smaller food particles for enhanced washing performance.

    MEIKO’s Energy Concept system

    features a “smart” internal booster heater and integral waste air heat recovery system to further reduce energy use, while automatically adjusting the final rinse temperature to a constant, sanitizing 180°F.

    The unique Air Concept system

    draws warm air towards the conveyor entrance, preheating the ware and reducing energy consumption.

    The M-iQ Filter system

    provides active water filtration, improving first-time washing results while dramatically reducing detergent consumption.


    Frontier Energy, formerly Fisher Nickel, operates the PG&E Food Service Technology Center and has developed more than 40 standard test methods for evaluating commercial kitchen appliances and system performance.

    Download your free copy of the M-iQ conveyor dishwasher's complete test and audit by Frontier Energy and see how much you could save.