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The clean solution

AirConcept - heat recovery

Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency in dishwashing


AirConcept – MEIKO’s innovative approach to air management – recovers the heat from exhaust air to generate top-class air quality. Instead of being released in an uncontrolled manner into the room, the hot steam is recycled to produce thermal energy.

This tangibly reduces ambient emissions and improves the indoor climate, making the wash-up area a far more pleasant environment to work in. Hot exhaust air is returned to the water circuit to supply energy, reducing the machine’s power consumption and achieving substantial energy and cost savings.

M-iQ AirConcept

The M-iQ Air Concept is based on innovative air circulation in the machine. M-iQ Air Concept

  • Optimal energy efficiency
  • Uncompromising conformity to DIN Standards
  • No need for a direct exhaust air connection

Air is circulated from the hot clean area against the working direction to the cool feeding section. When passed through the heat recovery module, energy consumption is reduced to a very low level. The exhaust air volume and temperature means that a direct exhaust air connection is unnecessary.