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Attention Restauranteurs: 3 Reasons Why Restaurants Choose MEIKO

The commercial dishwasher market is flooded with options for restaurant owners, but where does one begin? To start, there are a lot of practical considerations one must make to find the right dishwasher that meets the set needs and expectations. Ideally, the machine should improve the productivity of a kitchen and keep costs low.

MEIKO’s selection of dishwashers offer consumers an array of affordable and reliable choices to fit the bill for kitchens of all sizes.

Here’s three reasons why restaurants invest in MEIKO dishwashers for their kitchens:

1. Efficiency

With sustainability efforts on the forefront, efficiency is key in kitchen operations. MEIKO’s low-energy machines offer the sophistication of ergonomic design and ease of use to accommodate everyday demands. Quick cleaning cycles produce high-quality results, putting dishes and silverware from the machine back onto the table in a shorter time. For bigger kitchens with more demand, MEIKO’s larger dishwashers create virtually any amount of spotless glasses in less than two minutes.

2. Low Cost of Ownership

Bottom line— restaurants try to save money, but that should not come at the cost of poor sanitation. MEIKO’s machines require less chemicals to achieve a superior clean, further stretching the dollar between replenishing supplies. Also, with proper maintenance, MEIKO machines are quite reliable. Depending on water quality, deliming — the cleaning of limescale from hard water — once a month increases the longevity of the machine and maintains quality of performance and cleaning results.

3. Shh…It’s Quiet

Considering the everyday hustle and bustle of a kitchen, moments of serenity come few and far between. MEIKO’s machines are amongst the quietest in the market, contributing to the quality of conditions behind closed doors. No matter where a machine is placed, whether it be a designated station in the back of the kitchen or under the counter of an upscale bar, it will be welcomed.

Choosing the appropriate commercial dishwasher will improve the efficiency of a kitchen and ultimately contribute to the overall success of a restaurant. They’ll experience high amounts of use but make a big difference in the quality of work.