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    MEIKO is on FIRE !

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    FIRE at MEIKO USA... and more fire in Nashville!

    In more ways than one
    The heat in Tennessee has been brutal this season. On a very hot Friday last week, the A/C unit at MEIKO’s U.S. headquarter overheated, resulting in a lot of smoke, and a very small fire. The building was evacuated until the smoke disappeared. The images below show the local Fire Department arriving to extinguish the actual blaze.

    The team at MEIKO USA is also on fire! This year we’ve successfully implemented ABAS.  The Service Department has significantly increased revenues over last year. In sales, we are growing double digits. The attendance at onsite MEIKO training classes for customers, potential customers, reps and dealers has reached new heights. And the reviews are in – MEIKO training is already positively impacting the bottom line. Team MEIKO USA, thank y'all for all your dedication and your support.