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Restaurant Bergsee

The M-iClean U glasswasher saves money and helps protect the environment

Bergsee Hotel Titisee

Running a day-tripper restaurant on the Titisee – one of the most beautiful lakes in the Black Forest – requires a real passion for hospitality. That's because the popularity of the Bergsee restaurant has now become as immense as the depths of the neighbouring lake, which is fed by the Feldberg glacier. Cosy and picturesque in the best tradition of the Black Forest, the restaurant is run by its two managers Hartmut Schweizer and Horst Bockstaller.

With seating for 180 customers and plenty of space for all occasions, the Bergsee can also accommodate 300 guests on its sun terrace with marvellous views over the Titisee. This is a great location to sit and relax – but providing great service requires a smooth infrastructure running at peak capacity.

This was one of the many reasons that prompted Hartmut Schweizer and his fellow manager to choose a M-iClean glasswasher: "We have our machines installed under the bar counter, and the GiO module water treatment system ensures that the glasses come out sparklingly clean and crystal-clear every time – unlike previous glasswashers."
And when customers are streaming through the Bergsee's doors, the bar staff like nothing better than having a steady supply of clean, dry glassware:

"We don't even have to polish the glasses when they come out of the machine, so we save lots of time," says Schweizer, praising the machine's all-round performance and its low energy and water consumption. "The M-iClean with built-in water treatment is a superbly designed glasswasher which cuts costs and helps protect the environment."

Water Treatment - methods, advantages, technologies

Water does not always behave the same way when we clean with it. Some of the minerals it contains can inhibit performance by leaving those familiar ugly and unappetising smears on cutlery and glasses. In dishwashers they may deposit a fur commonly known as limescale.