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Hotel Domburg

M-iQ rack transport dishwasher for the Hotel Domburg in Zeeland

Bad Hotel Domburg

A beautiful spa resort within walking distance from the sea, the Hotel (or Bath Hotel) is Zeeland’s leading hotel.

Domburg is the oldest resort town of Zeeland with a long maritime history. A beautiful spa resort within walking distance from the sea, the Hotel (or Bath Hotel) is Zeeland’s leading hotel with 116 rooms and suites, conference facilities, library and four restaurants.

It borders a vast forest and sand dunes, with wide, clean, sandy beaches ideal for swimming and surfing. There are also nature reserves, historical sites such as motte-and-bailey castles, picturesque harbours and ports, plus an excellent choice of sports activities and a numerous programme of local events such as fairs, markets and music festivals.

The hotel is a proud holder of a Golden Green Key certificate. Green Key is the Dutch ecolabel for hotels. Badhotel uses LED lighting throughout and it invested in energy-efficient heating and boilers, all helping to reduce energy costs by nearly 40% since 2008.

„Not only good for the environment but also good for our wallets“,

says Hotel Managing Director Govert Janzen.

To further their green aims, Badhotel installed a MEIKO M-iQ rack transport dishwasher capable of washing up to 130 baskets per hour. “Having had a bad experience with a previous dishwasher (from another supplier) we looked for some serious professional advice when it came to a replacement,” continues Janzen. “We looked at the competitor machines to MEIKO, taking into account a lot of comparative information such as power, water and chemical consumption."

"The nearest competitor was more than 15,000 euros more expensive!"

“MEIKO won, especially when it came to assessing the cost of ownership over the life of the machine – the nearest competitor was more than 15,000 euros more expensive! MEIKO is a match for top brands such as Mercedes Benz and the busier our hotel, the better it gets. The M-iQ dishwasher is really in its element coping with 280 covers from breakfast, for example. 

"We do not monitor the dishwasher separately for water consumption but I can tell you this…even though hotel occupancy has increased on average, we are consuming less water and I am sure MEIKO has played its part in this."

“It is also very noticeable that the M-iQ (rack transport dishwasher) produces much less steam than previous machines. There is also very little heat outside of the machine. That means we have a better working environment in terms of temperature, which is good for the staff working in the area and it reinforces my opinion that MEIKO’s M-iQ provides good economy and a long life expectancy. It’s also quite good looking too!”