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Dutchman Hospitality

M-iQ dishwashing technology has smallest environmental footprint and lowest total cost

Buiding Dutchman Hospitality

The Dutchman Hospitality Group serves over two million meals per year. The Group is comprised of five restaurants, with bakeries in four Ohio towns, two inns, four retail stores, a local food market and a wholesale distribution service.

Dutchman researched several manufacturers and after crunching the numbers, they understood MEIKO technology had both the smallest environmental footprint and the lowest total cost of ownership.  Estimated savings per year utilizing M-iQ dishwashing machinevs. previous flight-type conveyor: Over $10,000.

Mike Palmer – President: “As we and our technicians analyzed the various manufacturers and equipment, it was concluded that theMEIKO technology exceeded the others. It seemed like MEIKO was ahead of the curve on incorporating newer technology, like the heat recovery system and the gallons of water demand for the final rinse cycle.”

“Just as important however, was the support and expertise from their people, in terms of layout and design flow for efficiency and the post-sale support in training and maintenance.  We are grateful to have the MEIKO team as partners in the warewashing part of our business.“