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M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine: The best equipment in "The Den"

The head chef of the Indian luxury hotel appreciates the performance of the MEIKO dishwashing machines

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With the "The Den", a hotel has been created that is full of urban elegance, exclusivity and with an atmosphere of well-being which is second to none in the South Indian city of Bangalore, with eight million inhabitants and one of the major metropolises of the subcontinent. In the kitchen, head chef Kapil Dubey sets great store in freshness and finesse – and also in hygiene. Because Kapil Dubey perfects his kingdom in every detail, he relies exclusively on the technology of MEIKO in the dishwashing area and also in the bars of the hotel: "Right at the outset when establishing our restaurant, we decided to rely exclusively on MEIKO and installed a great deal of equipment. The M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine is one of the best machines that we have in our restaurant. It gives exceptional performance and saves a great deal of energy."


THE Hotel - flushing technology in Bangalore

For Kapil Dubey, the high efficiency of the MEIKO machines and their reliability were also among the decisive arguments in the decision for MEIKO: "The service quality of MEIKO India is also very impressive, if ever we need it. Thanks to MEIKO's fully equipped spare parts warehouse in Bangalore, we can be sure that immediate action will be taken if needed. Our experience is that the MEIKO service technicians are on site with us within two hours. For us, this makes the company our first choice."

Thanks to MEIKO, those responsible can ensure that everything is not only convincing in terms of taste for the guests who come from all corners of the world to be spoiled by the passionately prepared dishes, but that the working conditions and equipment in the kitchen are also hygienically perfect: "MEIKO provides us with the best equipment that we have." says Kapil Dubey.