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Undercounter Dishwasher Machines with Superb Results

The best undercounter dishwasher for front of the house use, giving you sparkling dishes every time

M-iClean makes glasses invisible!

MEIKO’s undercounter dishwashers are packed with advanced features and combines innovative, labor-saving technology with outstanding performance - all in a space-saving package, and at a very attractive price. The benefits of MEIKO’s undercounter dishwashers set them apart from the competition. Features like a built-in booster heater, pumped rinse and pumped drain all make the owning and operating of a MEIKO undercounter dishwasher simple and economical. The powered final rinse provides a constant-pressure, constant-temperature sanitizing rinse, eliminating the need for a chemical sanitizer.

M-iClean UM+

The M-iClean UM+ commercial dishwasher offers advancement in cleaning yet has a sleek design beautiful enough to be in the front of house while tough enough to handle whatever the kitchen throws its way.

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M-iClean UM

Cleaning dishes just got a lot sleeker with the MEIKO M-iClean UM glass washer. Its modern design and quiet operation make the perfect accent to any front of house bar or restaurant.

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M-iClean US

Don’t let its small size fool you; this cafe dishwasher will take on any piece of ware that fits inside the wash chamber with typical MEIKO cleanliness and efficiency. MEIKO - the clean solution!

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FV 40.2

MEIKO’s FV 40.2 undercounter dishwasher combines technology and style with outstanding performance – all in a space-saving and efficient package with an affordable price.

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FV 40.2 G

The FV 40.2 G has all of the great features of a standard undercounter dishwasher, but in a smaller size optimized for use in bars and cafes, fitting beneath shorter countertops.

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