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Our Line of K-Tronic Rack Conveyors Will Wow You MEIKO's K-Tronic rack conveyors - an amazing combination of smart and tough

MEIKO's K-Tronic rack conveyors combine state-of-the-art features with reliable and cost-saving operation. Our advanced rack conveyor has extremely low water consumption - as low as 0.28 gallons per rack! Using warm waste air to preheat the incoming water reduces your energy costs while cooling the exhaust air.
Other standard features include optimally-positioned wash arms made out of stainless steel and come with attached end caps that can't be lost during cleaning. The double-wall insulated construction creates a cooler working environment and gives you additional energy savings.  The K-Tronic rack conveyors incorporate a large separation between the wash and rinse areas that eliminates splashing of soiled water on sanitized ware.
The MEIKO K-Tronic rack conveyor will get your dishes sparkling clean every time!

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