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MEIKO’s Rack Conveyors Clean Efficiently and Effectively – Every Time!

Serving lots of meals to hungry patrons? Get clean dishes faster with a MEIKO rack conveyor dishwasher!

The needs of your kitchen are unique and demanding. Plates, bowls, cutlery, trays and utensils all need to be safely cleaned before being used again.  The rack conveyor dishwashers from MEIKO are the most advanced, versatile and efficient warewashing systems available.  No matter your dilemma, MEIKO has a customizable  solution for you.  Plus, our dishwashers are all eco-friendly helping reduce utility costs.  More savings can be found in the automation of a rack conveyor system to lessen the workload of your kitchen staff. 

The Clean Solution!

M-iQ Rack Type

MEIKO’s revolutionary M-iQ improves on virtually every facet of dishwasher engineering and construction, for unparalleled washing results and economical operation.

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The new generation of K-Tronic rack type dishwashing machine from MEIKO insures efficiency on one hand for the employer and a lighter work load for the employee on the other.

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MEIKO's K Series rack conveyor dishwashers combine state-of-the-art advanced features with economical and reliable operation. You will love it as much as we do!

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