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The Pot and Pan Washer Line from MEIKO

Dishwashing equipment built to withstand the toughest job in the kitchen - washing pots and pans

Your kitchen produces more than just delicious food – it also creates tough messes that have to be cleaned up before your next meal is served.  Let MEIKO do what we do best: give you sparkling clean ware. Each and every time.
Choose from our line of pot and pan washers to dissolve your worst baked on soil with stainless steel top and bottom spray arms while double-wall insulation keeps heat and noise inside the machine.  With three models to choose from, all including the quality and excellence always found in MEIKO products, we will find you the best solution for your dishroom needs.  

FV 130.2

Not just pots and pans - the FV 130.2 cleans trays, containers and all sorts of other ware. It deals with the tasks that are too tough for people to manage alone.

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FV 250.2

With the ability to handle some 22 sheet pans per cycle and the power to tackle tough soil build-up, this pot and pan washer marks a new level of dishwashing excellence.

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DV 270.2

The innovative DV 270.2 combines the power and capacity of MEIKO’s FV 250.2 with the easier loading and unloading of a traditional tabling-style door-type warewasher.

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