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Commercial Dishwasher - DV 80.2 with Waste Air Heat Recovery System (WAHRS)

Why heat your entire dishroom when you need to heat incoming water - a great commercial dishwasher

Our DV 80.2 with Waste Air Heat Recovery System reclaims energy from the commercial dishwasher to heat incoming water. Meaning, it can run on a cold water supply & requires no special ventilation.*

As with all MEIKO products, the DV 80.2 with WAHRS is consistently reliable with a smooth and easy operation for cleaning all types of ware items and utensils from your kitchen. What makes this commercial dishwasher stand out from the pack is that instead of hot escaping into the kitchen, steam is recycled through the machine as source of energy for the water circuit.  Both the Waste Air Heat Recovery System and double-wall insulation of the hood keeps your dishroom much cooler and comfortable for your kitchen staff. Smooth interior walls are easier to clean along with the self-cleaning program following draining the dishwasher.

Having flexible construction allows this commercial dishwasher to be installed in numerous ways. MEIKO DV80.2 with WAHRS enables virtually unlimited installation possibilities.  The ergonomic, wraparound handle is easy use, no matter if the door type machine is in the corner of your kitchen or used as a pass through.

*Subject to local building codes

Width 25" (635mm)
Depth 29-3/4" (756mm)
Height 85-1/2" (2170mm) +/- 1/2" (13mm)
Total height with hood/door open 85-1/2" (2170mm) +/- 1/2" (13mm)
Vertical clearance of wash chamber 17-5/16" (440mm)
Dishrack dimensions 20 x 20" (500 x 500mm)
Program cycles * 89/120/240 seconds
Theoretical maximum capacity 40/30/15 racks/hr.
Pump motor 1 hp (0.75 kW)
Tank capacity 5.81 gals. (22 liters)
Water consumption 0.74 gals. (2.80 liters)/rack
Tank heating 6 kW
Built-in booster heater
Built-in booster heater 9 kW
Total connected load
208-230V/60Hz/1Ph 64.8A@208V, 71.0A@230V
208-230V/60Hz/3Ph 50.1A@208V, 54.8A@230V
460V/60Hz/3Ph 26.7A
Agency approvals/certifications
NSF, ETL, Energy Star +

* MEIKO's Auto-Safe feature will automatically extend the wash cycle (if necessary) to provide additional heating for cooler incoming water. Optimum cycle times assume 140°F / 60°C water supply to machine.

Technical specifications subject to change.

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