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A Star with Three Leading Roles: DV 120.2 Commercial Dishwasher Machine

MEIKO’s Variotronic™ system allows selection of three different cycles in one commercial dishwasher machine

MEIKO's DV 120.2 commercial dishwasher machine has three different wash pump levels for optimum wash power regulation depending on the ware and level of dirt.  Choose the Low cycle for coffee cups and saucers.  At only 7 PSI, and using MEIKO’s Soft Start feature that gradually builds wash pressure, fine glassware and china is protected from sudden shifts that can cause breakage.

Go a step up with the Normal wash cycle for faster cleaning of normal dishes and glassware with an increased water pressure of 10 PSI.  This cycle is sure to transform dishes from clean to dirty in about a minute.

The High cycle setting washes at 15 PSI and with an extended cycle, this commercial dishwasher machine can power through the toughest soil on pots, pans, and utensils.  More pressure and more time give you incredible results!

The ideal construction of the MEIKO commercial dishwasher machine offers practically unlimited installation variations, be it with the straight-line pass-through model or the space-saving corner version.  With all the features that are standard on our DV 120.2, this will be the last commercial dishwasher machine your kitchen needs.

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