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Door Type Glass and Dishwashing Solutions for You

Dishwashing solutions to fit your needs from cleaning fine glassware to heavily soiled pots or pans

MEIKO has many solutions to meet your dishroom demands. MEIKO’s dishwashers combine improved ventilation and advanced features like our unique filtration system give you unparalleled speed and flexibility. Offering an optimized wash and rinse cycle, MEIKO has a machine that fits the operating capacity gap between a traditional door-type unit and a small rack conveyor dishmachine. The dishwashing solutions that have MEIKO’s Variotronic™ control system offer three different dishwashing cycles with a unique wash pressure and cycle length to ensure spotless results each wash.

kube CS 70

The kube\ CS 70 is MEIKO's dishwashing solution to the low temp world. This dishwashing dynamo is able to wash 40 racks an hour and ready to impress with its amazing results.

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DV 80.2

Our DV 80.2 combines a faster loading time and improved ventilation with the advanced standard features like fully electronic controls, built-in booster heater, and pumped rinse drain.

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Our DV 80.2 with Waste Air Heat Recovery System reclaims energy from the machine to heat incoming water. This efficient design can run on a cold water supply reducing energy costs.

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DV 120.2

Premium class washing technology with unique wash power regulation all in one door-type commercial dishwasher machine.

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DV 200.2

The DV 200.2 holds two racks per cycle but can also accommodate larger sheet pans making it the perfect solution to fill the gap between smaller door type unit and a rack conveyor.

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DV 120.2 T

This dishwashing solution has a large 27" interior clearance height to accommodate taller ware, such as sheet pans, with ease. Great for a kitchen with lots of baking!

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