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MEIKO Dishwashing Machine Technology – Sparkling Results

We set the standard for clean dishes – with no need for manual polishing with our dishwashing machines

Before MEIKO, dishwashing used to be a tough and unpopular job, but now the steam has finally cleared to reveal the innovative MEIKO technology. The new face of dishwashing is a pleasant working environment with perfectly clean, sparkling results.

Welcome to the world of MEIKO. The unmistakable look of a new generation of dishwashing machines that are designed to appeal to all our senses, created from an affinity for technology, efficiency, eco-friendliness and beautiful design. Dishwashing has never been so cost-effective, so environmentally-friendly and so attractive to the eye.

Undercounter Dishwashers

The undercounter dishwasher family from MEIKO gives outstanding results and superior shine to all your ware. MEIKO knows you need an undercounter dishwasher that cleans the dirtiest ware you might have while being quiet and beautiful for the front of the house operation. Easy to use; easy to look at!

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Door Type Dishwashing Machines

MEIKO’s door-type dishwashers combine improved ventilation and advanced features like our unique filtration system give you unparalleled speed and flexibility.

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Pot and Pan Washers

Let us put your mind at ease; your MEIKO will get your utensils clean the first time! Dishwashing machines built to withstand the toughest job in the kitchen - cleaning pots and pans.

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Rack Conveyor Dishwashers

The rack conveyor dishwashers from MEIKO are the most advanced, versatile and efficient warewashing systems available. No matter your dilemma, MEIKO has a customizable solution for you.

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Flight-Type Dishwashing Machines

The M-iQ flight dishwashing machines are among the most efficient in the world. M-iQ improves on virtually every facet of engineering, for unparalleled results and economical operation.

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