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TopLine SAN 20 W - Bedpan Washer-Disinfector Station

A bedpan washer-disinfector station with a large standard sink, utility sink and cabinet space

Spacious is the first word that springs to mind for this model! This efficient wash station features a bedpan washer-disinfector, practical utility sink, large standard sink, and plenty of cupboard space, offering the perfect solution for hectic, busy hospital and care facility environments. By combining the bedpan washer-disinfector with other units, this model offers a functional, practical and clean solution which is a great choice for any soiled utility room. With everything neatly contained underneath the work surface, there's plenty of room left to mount bedpan, urine bottle racks and other receptacles on the wall.

Every year hundreds of thousands of patients contract healthcare-associated infections, but clean solutions from MEIKO help minimize this problem, keeping patients, care facility residents and medical staff on the safe side. Our cleaning and disinfection stations have built-in systems to maintain their disinfection performance. They increase patient safety by offering clean reprocessing of care items using thermal methods in strict accordance to stringent regulations. Our bedpan washer-disinfector stations offer user-friendly workflows, maximum protection, as well as outstanding standards of cleanliness.

Width 78-3/4" (2000 mm)
Depth 23-5/8" (600 mm)
Height 39-3/8" (1000 mm)
Water connection
Cold water (temperature 41-77°F [5-25°C]) 1/2" NPT
Hot water (temperature 110-140°F [45-60°C]) 1/2" NPT
Flow pressure > 14.5 PSI (1 bar)
Water flow > 4.8 GPM (18 l/min)
Water drain
Water drain 3" (DN 75) P-trap
Electrical connection
Standard 208/230V, 60Hz, 3Ph, 4.2/4.6 kW (electric heat), OR
Alternative 208/230V, 60Hz, 1 Ph, 0.8 kW (steam heat)
Steam connection (if present)
Steam pressure max. 7.3 PSI (0.5 bars), 1/2" NPT
Noise level
Workplace-related emission value LpA 50 dB (A)

Technical specifications subject to change.

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