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TopLine Washing and Disinfection Units

Ergonomic soiled utility room equipment with built-in bedpan washer-disinfector

TopLine soiled utility room equipment offers a compact way of combining a TopLine bedpan washer-disinfector with other units. These bedpan washer-disinfectors fit neatly under a work surface, leaving plenty of space on top. That gives staff members more room to work and makes their lives easier – without sacrificing the superb levels of infection control which MEIKO soiled utility room equipment are renowned for.

TopLine SAN 14

This soiled utility room equipment combines a flusher-disinfector with helpful work surface, storage space, stainless-steel backsplash and useful utility sink.

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TopLine SAN 20 W

This soiled utility room model combines a large standard sink with a utility sink, a spacious cabinet, and, of course, tried-and-tested MEIKO technology in the bedpan washer-disinfector.

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