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TopLine 30 - The Built-In Bedpan Cleaner-Disinfector

Space-saving cleaner disinfector that makes work safer and easier

The TopLine 30 makes life considerably easier for care personnel while simultaneously enhancing patient safety. This bedpan cleaner-disinfector can be flush mounted in the wall to save space, offering a great way to equip patients' bedrooms with a high-quality MEIKO bedpan cleaner-disinfector. The TopLine 30 offers particular benefits for intensive care units and isolation wards: it eliminates the need to carry contaminated care utensils along the corridors, and it keeps each care utensil assigned to one particular patient. This arrangement also makes your care staff's work safer and easier. And the fact that the TopLine 30 is mounted on the wall makes it almost invisible, so even architects will be happy!
The TopLine 30 bedpan cleaner-disinfector for flush wall installation comes with an installation frame ready for connection behind the tiled wall. It is the most complete technical and aesthetic solution for a functional and clean room design.

Width 25-5/8" (650 mm)
Depth 17-3/4" (450 mm)
Height 69-3/4" (1772 mm)
Height A.F.F. 87" (2210 mm) - 17-1/4" (438 mm) clear below machine
Water connection
Cold water (temperature 41-77°F [5-25°C]) 1/2" NPT
Hot water (temperature 110-140°F [45-60°C]) 1/2" NPT
Flow pressure > 14.5 PSI (1 bar)
Water flow > 4.8 GPM (18 l/min)
Water drain
Water drain 3" (DN 75) P-trap
Electrical connection
Standard 208/230V, 60Hz, 3Ph, 4.2/4.6 kW (electric heat), OR
Alternative 208/230V, 60Hz, 1 Ph, 0.8 kW (steam heat)
Steam connection (if present)
Steam pressure max. 7.3 PSI (0.5 bars), 1/2" NPT
Noise level
Workplace-related emission value LpA 50 dB (A)

Technical specifications subject to change.


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