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TopLine Standalone Bedpan Washer-Disinfectors

Washer-disinfectors with maximum standards of cleanliness in a truly user-friendly format

Today, more than ever, strict infection control standards are an absolute must in healthcare environments, and patient welfare and safety are a primary concern.
MEIKO's bedpan flusher disinfectors give you the reassurance of top-notch safety and reliability right down the line. From effective reprocessing of care utensils to reliable, user-friendly operation, the TopLine range features impressive technology that ensures the safety of both patients and care personnel while adhering strictly to the requirements of today’s healthcare sector.
TopLine single bedpan washer-disinfectors were specially designed for rapid and uncomplicated installation to replace outdated cleaning and disinfection technology.

TopLine 10

The TopLine 10 washer-disinfector ensures perfect all-round cleaning and infection control in your soiled utility room. It comes ready for connection to the mains supply and can be mounted on the wall and off the floor.

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TopLine 20

The fast and convenient floor mounted washer-disinfector solution for the soiled utility room in new and old buildings and can be installed in next to no time.

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TopLine 30

The TopLine 30 washer-disinfector can be flush mounted in the wall to save space, offering a great way to equip patients' bedrooms with a high-quality MEIKO bedpan cleaning and disinfection appliance.

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TopLine 30 WC

TopLine 30 WC is a washer-disinfector solution for flush wall installation into the bathroom suite of the patient’s room. This premium bedpan washer disinfector comes with central connections for all commercially available restroom types.

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TopLine 40

The TopLine 40 fits snugly under the counter – without sacrificing any of its technical features. This washer-disinfector is a great choice for the soiled utility room.

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