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TopLine Small Washing and Disinfection Appliances

Bedpan washing and disinfection appliances including sinks for maximizing space

Maybe you have limited space in your soiled utility room but still want a bedpan washer-disinfector that takes care of all your washing and disinfection needs? If so, the TopLine range is exactly what you need. This is how you squeeze maximum efficiency into a compact package! These  combination units include a washing and disinfection appliance with a built-in sink. 

TopLine 10 A

The simple and practical design of this model is hard to beat. This premium washing and disinfection unit is designed to be mounted on the wall, clear of the floor, together with the sink.

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TopLine 20 A

The TopLine 20 A is fast and easy to install. This combination of built-in sink and washing and disinfection appliance is a great choice for maximizing infection control in your soiled utility room.

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TopLine 40 B

Even if you're short of space, there's no need to risk cross contamination. The TopLine 40 B bedpan washing and disinfecting unit comes with a hand washing station and work surface.

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