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Suction Lance System for Cleaning and Disinfection Appliances

Unmistakable: MEIKO suction lance coding

Suction Lance System

MEIKO's innovative suction lance system eliminates the risk of machine operators mistakenly using unsuitable products in cleaning and disinfection appliances. It also offers reliable support in ensuring compatibility with medical devices in real-life environments.

The special coding system effectively rules out the possibility of mistaking rinse agent for detergent or vice-versa.
This innovative solution from MEIKO guarantees absolute safety for users while ensuring that the detergent and rinse agent are incorporated in the program cycle at exactly the right time.

MEIKO's suction lance coding system has been exclusively designed to work in harmony with Doyen products from Etol. The newly developed canister design of Doyen products is an exclusive format guaranteed to produce successful results with MEIKO's suction lance coding system.