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Cleaning and Disinfection Software from MEIKO

M-Commander InVision Software - The best way to ensure reliable infection control standards


The best way to ensure consistent infection control standards is to have reliable access to the big picture. Our M-Commander InVision software is specially designed to keep you up-to-date with comprehensive data on your MEIKO cleaning and disinfection appliances. It provides a continuous, centralized overview of all aspects of your machines' operation. Lightning-fast data transfers across long distances ensure the efficient management of cleanliness, logistics, and service and maintenance processes.
With M-Commander InVision, you get continuous documentation of all the relevant data for each and every wash cycle performed by your MEIKO cleaning and disinfection appliance. You can view the log report on screen, print it, or archive it on a central server.

  • Actual A0 value (a measure of microbial inactivation)
  • Target A0 value (a measure of microbial inactivation)
  • Date and time wash cycle started
  • Cycle duration
  • Machine ID number
  • Cycle counter
  • Program number
  • Temperature profile of disinfection phase
  • Online remote monitoring
  • Machine parameters

As well as displaying all the key figures at different levels, M-Commander InVision also provides you with diagrams of the digital switching conditions and analogue temperature graphs, making it easy to evaluate the machine's performance. Our MEIKO service department will have the software up and running in no time – and at a very reasonable price.