AZP 80 Close-Coupled
Waste Pulper™

  • Energy Star Partner
  • US. Green Building Council

pdf Spec sheet dwg AZP 80 with trough connection
pdf Owner's Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual dwg AZP 80 without trough connection

MEIKO's AZP 80 is an advanced, high-capacity waste pulper that reduces food and mixed waste volume by up to 85%.

Normal kitchen waste, with its high water content, is an ideal carrier for disease and odors. The AZP 80 solves these problems by reducing food waste to a nearly dry and odorless pulp, using a tungsten carbide grinding mechanism and a dewatering press. An automatic flushing mechanism keeps the unit operating at maximum efficiency during peak loads.

Reducing waste volume also reduces labor costs, by decreasing the time and effort needed for trash removal. It also reduces costs associated with waste transportation, disposal and pest control. The AZP 80 is easy to operate, clean and service.

Available options for the AZP 80 include:

  • Left-to-right or right-to-left operation
  • Choice of waste chute directions: Front, rear or inline
  • Choice of either freestanding configuration, or two different water trough recirculation pumps, to accommodate a variety of flushing trough systems