M-iQ Series Flight Conveyors

MEIKO’s new M-iQ series redefines dishwashing technology. Intelligent, innovative and efficient, the M-iQ provides maximum cleaning effectiveness, minimizes water, energy and chemical consumption, and employs advanced technology for a dramatically reduced environmental impact.


The M-IQ includes a revolutionary filtration system. Food waste is actively and continuously removed from every tank, improving washing results and reducing detergent use.

At the end of the shift, M-iQ eases cleanup with an automatic self-cleaning mode. Items that require manual cleaning are marked in blue for easy identification.

The M-iQ features an advanced integrated airflow system to redistribute heat, minimize heating energy consumption and reduce exhaust emissions.

MEIKO's M-iQ Series warewasher has received a Kitchen Innovations 2011 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show.

M-iQ features a CC-Touch high-resolution, glass touch-screen display. Screen information is customized based on machine status for fast, intuative operation.

MEIKO's new M-iQ redefines dishwashing technology. Click here to see the features of this revolutionary dishwasher in action.
MEIKO brings cutting edge technologies and advanced engineering to dishwashing solutions. Click here for an overview.
MEIKO's exclusive, award-winning Waste Air Heat Recovery System reclaims the waste heat generated during warewashing as free energy. Click here for an overview.
  • Energy Star Partner
  • US. Green Building Council

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MEIKO’s revolutionary M-iQ improves on virtually every facet of dishwasher engineering and construction, for unparalleled washing results and economical operation.

The M-iQ series of flight machines are among the most efficient dishwashers in the world, with a water consumption as low as 56.2 gallons per hour. That low water consumption also dramatically reduces heating energy, detergent, and rinse aid consumption.

Advanced engineering features take these advantages even further. A standard, integrated blower dryer works with the airflow management system and improves drying results. The M-Filter system actively and continuously removes food soil from the wash water to improve soil removal from the ware, and further reduce detergent consumption by up to 50%. An innovative airflow management system redirects heat inside the machine to a single ventilation connection. The warm waste air is then used to preheat the incoming rinse water, reducing energy costs and cooling the exhaust air. Exhaust emissions are also reduced in volume, by as much as 90%. An active tank management system continually monitors and adjusts water levels in the machine automatically for optimum level control and soil distribution. The higher-pressure wash system has modeled water flow using computational fluid dynamics for optimum washing results. Even cleaning is simplified; M-iQ includes an automatic self-cleaning mode, an automatic load-deck flushing system that washes soil into a scrap basket, and color-coded areas indicating components that need manual cleaning to save time at the end of the shift.

M-iQ flight machines are available in a variety of models and sizes to suit most applications.