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New Pass-Through Dishwasher and Glasswasher for the Weeping Willow

The Weeping Willow is satisfied with the quality of MEIKO dishwashers and service

Design and installation of the foodservice facilities was carried out by Reg Dawson of Dawson Design Projects. Reg Dawson specified a MEIKO FV40.2 G-GiO glasswasher for the bar and a pass-through UPster H500 dishwasher in the kitchen, which sits in an enclosed corner, out of customer view. The pass-through dishwasher UPster H500’s hood is designed to vent to the rear, pushing the steam away from the operator.

“No bar should be running without reverse osmosis and MEIKO GiO is the best,” says Reg Dawson.“You pay extra to have MEIKO, but they are good for a reason. They are a company that is easy to work with; their machines produce excellent results, are reliable and there are no call-backs after installation, unlike some other manufacturers I have dealt with.

“MEIKO is an easy buy.”