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Nursing and Care Homes

The scarce resource of personnel is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges in health care. It is even more important that workspaces in retirement and nursing homes are designed with consideration for workplace safety. Where people need to take care of others' health, it is helpful when technology takes care of the rest. That's why, for example, cleaning and disinfection devices from MEIKO ensure with their steam seals that unnecessary aerosols do not escape into the ambient air – and thus protect the health of your employees. Ergonomically well thought out devices which are intelligently designed at their interfaces add to these as well many other benefits from MEIKO technology.

Overview of testimonials

Sunrise Senior Living

Sunrise Senior Living delivers resident-centred care services to well over 2,000 residents in the UK. The Sunrise philosophy is founded on encouraging independence, preserving dignity, enabling freedom of choice and protecting the privacy of each resident. This approach reflects the company’s mission, which has remained unchanged since the business was founded in 1981: “to champion quality of life for all seniors”.

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