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Marine industry – Full Speed Ahead for Dishwashing Innovation!

Optimized systems for the marine industry compliant with international health and safety regulations

With our longstanding experience in the marine industry, our planning teams are happy to assist you with tailor-made solutions for warewashing projects of any scope or scale. We are fully prepared to plan and manufacture dishwashing solutions according to your individual specifications. Taking into account the conditions onboard, we can build and deliver a wide range of warewashing and other systems designed to ensure the most efficient management of your kitchen and catering facilities.

By choosing to set sail with MEIKO, you’re placing your trust in an exceptional range of professional warewashing equipment. That’s because MEIKO dishwashers, conveyor systems, and food waste disposal systems represent the pinnacle of engineering and manufacturing excellence.

Our optimized systems are guaranteed to keep you in compliance with international health and safety regulations. All our appliances are designed to offer outstanding efficiency and award-winning user-friendliness. That’s why you can find us wherever reliability and safety count – on cruise ships, yachts, and ferries, on container ships, freighters and oil rigs all over the world.

Whatever you’re looking for, we promise that we won’t be satisfied until we’ve found the most efficient and cleanest way to address your needs.


Turnkey services for new buildings and replacement

MEIKO's wealth of experience and knowledge comes to the fore when it comes to planning and implementing galley areas on cruise liners and river cruise vessels. That's why we've decided to start offering our customers turnkey solutions for cruise ship new buildings and replacement projects. That means you can get everything from a single source, including planning services, machine installation, connection to the ship's water, power and waste pipes, plus staff induction and training sessions. All in all, this fosters a wealth of valuable relationships between MEIKO and its business partners, creating robust and lasting bonds between everyone involved in the project, from the machine maker and dealer to the galley contractor and end customer.


Long-established but as good as new

MEIKO has spent 90 years meeting the highest standards of cleanliness in hotels and restaurants, on ships, and in hospitals. It has always prided itself on meeting pertinent international specifications, DIN standards, and all the requirements of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as it will continue to do so in the future!


Less water at sea - Why 30 percent less makes all the difference

Water is a major issue in most areas of life – and it's a particular priority on board cruise ships. We understand that, which is why we are continuously improving the sustainability credentials of our machines. Take the M-iQ, for example, which is one of the most sustainable warewashing machines on the market. It can help you save significantly more money in your wash-up area than any comparable technology. It uses less water, less energy, and fewer chemicals while still offering outstanding levels of hygiene. That's one of the reasons why the MEIKO M-iQ was recently awarded the ‘GRÜNE BAND 2016’ sustainability award in the "Water" category. All thanks to an innovation which optimizes capacity utilization to maximize savings, achieving reductions of up to 30 percent in fresh water and chemicals usage.

Overview of testimonials

AIDA Cruise Ships

Maintaining high standards of hygiene is essential, especially in regard to the ships' dishwashing operations. That's why AIDA has installed MEIKO dishwashing technology on their cruise ships - to ensure sparkling clean, hygienic dishwashing results and easy, reliable food waste disposal.

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MS Artania, Phoenix Reisen

The team at Phoenix Reisen was convinced that the M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine offered huge potential to save energy and water. And their decision to purchase a M-iQ was also heavily influenced by the innovative user interface designed by the MEIKO dishwashing experts.

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Sales Manager Marine
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