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Institutional Catering Solutions from MEIKO Clean, sanitized results for glasses, dishes, silverware, utensils and containers

MEIKO not only offers solutions with outstanding results for glasses, dishes and silverware, but also special utensils, containers and equipment used in institutional catering. With cutting-edge technology designed to ensure the right water temperature, zero germs, and clean and efficient processes, MEIKO complies with all applicable standards and guarantees maximum hygiene for your institutional catering needs.

Institutional Catering

Overview of testimonials

Zhejiang University

"The reason they chose MEIKO was to lower their running costs, save water, electricity and chemicals. The wash room environment is also more comfortable and more labor efficient.” explains the MEIKO China Sales Manager.

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TÜV Rhineland, Cologne

"MEIKO's M-iQ dishwashing machines run like a reliable, beautifully engineered car. And we've also taken a giant leap forward in reducing background noise. The machines are very quiet, which greatly improves the whole workplace atmosphere. "

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University of Minnesota, USA

“I like the machine’s adjustable belt speeds and especially the manual cleaning parts that are clearly marked in blue. Since the curtains can only be hung in the correct place, the staff can’t mistakenly put them back in the wrong spot, which happens often on our non-MEIKO machines."

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