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Cleaned for Take-off: Inflight Catering Warewashing Systems

MEIKO - longstanding experience in the flight catering industry

Security and safety are the most important values an airline can offer today. A great number of checks are required before the captain and cabin crew of an aircraft are finally able to welcome the first passenger on board. This includes making certain that travelers will receive clean catering services. With our warewashing systems for inflight catering, we at MEIKO, stand for a clean and perfect start.

With our longstanding experience in the flight catering industry, our engineers and designers at MEIKO have what it takes to find the answer to your particular inflight requirements. Our planning teams are happy to assist you with tailor-made solutions for warewashing projects of any scope or scale – both on and off the ground. We promise that our work is not finished before we have found the most efficient and effective way to approach your particular task. This is the reason why you can find our technology everywhere around the globe where reliability, safety and efficiency count – from small business airports to large international traffic hubs.


Discover the versatility of our multifunctional inflight solutions which give your business the flexibility it needs.

Overview of testimonials

Gate Gourmet Onboard Catering

MEIKO and Gate Gourmet have concluded a ‘Global Supply Contract for Dishwashing and Warewashing’. The advantages for Gate Gourmet Onboard Catering include fixed prices, easier and quicker dealings with contact partners, a central point of contact and time savings.

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Alpha LSG Inflight Catering

One of the key issues in inflight catering for Alpha LSG is having a fast response time – but a response from people who know the machines inside out as they should do! Another reason was that MEIKO flight-type machines are versatile and economical – and their reduced energy

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KLM Inflight Catering

First-Class level of the MEIKO Service creates perfect circumstances for the Inflight Catering Team at KLM

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